* First of all, the remedy to prevent mold in the bathroom is to provide good ventilation. If you want to clean the mold, clove oil is effective for this. You can wipe the moldy places by pouring a teaspoon of clove oil in a liter of water and pouring it into the cloth. Of course, it will give your bathroom a pleasant clove scent.

* Purify the Floor

Clean the toilet, washbasin and shower cabin that we have kept by pouring Linsey Scrubbing Fluid thoroughly and rinse with hot water if possible. As a final process, clean the floor with the help of a broom. After clearing the floor from waste, you can use Linsey Bathroom spray for the tiles on the floor and spray it on the floor and get rid of stains and germs with a scrubbing brush.

* Serves as a Disinfectant

While you are doing your other works quickly, pour Detsan Bleach into the toilet, washbasin and shower cabin to get rid of bacteria, leave it to wait, rinse with plenty of water, then ventilate for a long time.

* Air Your Bathroom Plenty

You cleaned your bathroom to be sparkling after long efforts. The humid air of the bathroom and the fact that it is constantly closed can cause the air in it to become suffocating in a short time. Therefore, if you want the cleaning to continue for a long time, try airing your bathroom frequently. Thus, the air in the bathroom is constantly renewed and the feeling of cleanliness continues for a long time.

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