* Trying to polish wooden furniture with tea

Fresh tea bags can be used to polish wooden and wooden furniture, but wooden surfaces that touch water do not end well. Tea has a dye-like feature, but we should not forget that it will leave water stains on the surface.

* When the stains on the carpet are more fresh, wipe them with cleaner

A rich oily sauce has been spilled on the carpet. It can be cleaned with various cleaners. By doing so, it will not only damage the pile of the carpet, but also cause the wetness and odor to be trapped inside the carpet. Therefore, first the wetness on the stain is removed, then spray the stain remover on the stained area and then it is necessary to dry again.

* Cleaning ceramic and marble surfaces with vinegar
Vinegar, which is effective on most surfaces, does more harm than good when it comes to stone surfaces such as marble. Because the acid in the vinegar can leave scratches and stubborn stains on these surfaces. Therefore, stone surfaces should be wiped with diluted detergent and warm water.

* Using bleach for rust stains
While bleach can be a great solution for stains, it can make things worse when it comes to rust stains and marks. The chemicals in it cause the rust to spread more and it becomes harder. Instead, it is a better choice to mix lemon juice and salt and apply it to rusty surfaces.

* When cleaning the mirrors, tables, spraying the cleaner directly on the surface
First spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the surfaces in this way. This way, it is less likely to hurt them.

* Trying to clean the grater with a sponge
Trying to take it out with a sponge underwater will only cause your sponge to wear out. The most practical solution is to apply potatoes to the grater. Because oxalite acid in potatoes is perfect for getting rid of cheese residues.

* Washing glass bottles with a sponge like normal dishes
Especially in narrow mouth bottles, it is never possible to reach every point of it with a dish sponge. If you fill the bottle with rice, dish soap and warm water and shake it thoroughly, you can reach every area and make it clean.

* Does abundant bleach remove germs?

Bleach and bleach-added cleaners are good disinfectants and products that should be used to remove germs, but using large amounts of bleach will never provide a good cleaning. However, there are some precautions we need to take and some things we should pay attention to while using For example, we should never use it together or simultaneously with other acidic cleaning products such as bathroom cleaners. This is extremely dangerous for our health as it will cause a chemical reaction. In such a case, it is necessary to open the windows immediately, ventilate the interior and leave that area. Therefore, we must carefully read and pay attention to the labels, warnings and usage instructions on the cleaning products.

* Will stubborn and difficult dirt be removed more easily with more cleaning products?

Excessive amount does not mean that dirt can come out easily. In order to clean such dirt, we have to spray the cleaning material on the dirt sufficiently and to cover the dirty surface. With the cleaning product, enough time should be given to dissolve the dirt, and then it should be wiped with a clean cloth, cleaning and rinsing is necessary.

* If several cleaning products are used together, it can be cleaned better.

The cleaning products we use are formulated differently according to the area to be cleaned and the surface and then the dirt and stain formed on that surface. And when the chemicals in the formulation come together, they can interact, threatening our health. In addition, this combination can cause damage to the used surface as well as permanent damage. In order to avoid such undesirable situations, we should use each cleaning product as recommended in its area and label.

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