Brand : Linsey
750 ml
2,5 l
10 lt
4 lt

It is an effective cleaning agent against all kinds of grease stains, food residues and kitchen dirt, specially formulated for both domestic and industrial use. Linsey Degreaser removes burnt oil, heavy greasy dirt, stubborn and sticky kitchen dirt. Easily dissolves oils. It is especially effective in cleaning the grease layer and heavy dirt on the floors and walls in kitchens. It provides the perfect solution for the cleaning of all heavy oily parts and surfaces, as well as oven and grill cleaning.


Usage areas :

Cooker, Oven, Grill, Aspirator, Hood, Sink, Faucet, Ceramic (Tile) surfaces, Kitchen Countertops, Stainless steel (Fork, Knife and Spoon) Pots and Pans, Automobile Wheel, Used to remove bicycle oils.

To avoid damaging plastic and painted surfaces, first test and use them on an invisible surface.


Attention!! Do not use on polished, varnished wooden surfaces, aluminum surfaces, built-in white goods with aluminum surface, cleaning glasses, as well as textiles such as leather, silk and wool.


Instruction manual :

Use the tip of the spray nozzle to “SPRAY” or “STREAM”. Provides effective cleaning and hygiene in larger areas. Shake the bottle before use. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge after spraying on the surface to be cleaned. For difficult and stubborn dirt, wipe off after several minutes for a more effective result. After use, rinse with plenty of water. Wipe with a dry cloth after rinsing to obtain a glossy surface.

Set the cover to the una OFF ”position after use.

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